V. Himark, an ISO-9001 certified company, is celebrating its almost 30 year anniversary as one of the preeminent global manufacturers of double-sided adhesives. Our Cactus® brand is now being used for a variety of applications in multiple markets across more than 50 countries worldwide.

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Corporate History

Corporate History:

V. Himark, an ISO-9001 certified company, is celebrating its almost 30 year anniversary as one of the preeminent global manufacturers of double-sided adhesives. Our Cactus® brand is now being used for a variety of applications in multiple markets across more than 50 countries worldwide.

Our company was founded by V. Himark’s CEO, Mr. Kim Sung, a noted chemist and industry luminary in the field of adhesives. Early in his career, Mr. Sung honed his technical, business and entrepreneurial skills, working for a leading Company in Asia as head of research for developing adhesives. During his tenure, Mr. Sung realized that not any single adhesive can be the cure-all for all applications and saw an opportunity to develop adhesives that target specific applications for both industrial and consumer use. This challenging market need became his passion and resulted in the successful development of a full line of adhesives that his company sold to large tape manufacturers in Asia.

Fulfilling this challenge fueled Mr. Sung’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion to investigate further market opportunities for adhesives. His vision culminated in the establishment of the V. Himark (Very High Mark) Technology Company Ltd. in 1987 to address the needs of specialty double-sided pressure sensitive adhesives for manufacturers and service providers in Taiwan. In the decade that followed, growing global recognition and interest for its products resulted in V. Himark opening a manufacturing and distribution facility (V. Himark (USA) Inc.) in Los Angeles, California to better serve its growing customers in the North American and Latin American countries.

Our Cactus® brand came from the hand with two outstretched fingers that symbolized a ‘V’, and looked like a Cactus. The characteristics of the Cactus exemplifies V. Himark’s ongoing commitment to excellence and high standards of being: Strong, Resistant, Long Life, and having the ability to reinvent itself with different colors and shapes to suit its environment.

As we look ahead to the future, we continually strive to improve our research and manufacturing process to better serve the needs of our growing global family of customers. Cactus®. Bonding the World.

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Cactus®, a brand of V. Himark USA, Inc., prides itself by adhering steadfast to its mantra —Cactus®. Bonding the World. With close to three decades of experience, Cactus® seamlessly integrates the latest in science, technology and manufacturing advancements to develop superior quality double coated tapes to meet the evolving demand and diverse needs of the global industrial market. All of our cost competitive tape products are developed and produced in-house to both our customers’ and our demanding quality and performance standards. This ensures that all of our Cactus® products affords you, our client, the highest and most consistent value, no matter the application.

Our technical support team, sales, customer service, marketing, and logistic teams are based in California and they are dedicated to providing you with the best comprehensive customer support and services — no matter how small or large your need is.

Our Cactus® brand of Double Coated Tapes are designed to meet the various application requirements of today’s industrial marketplace. Depending on your specific requirements — we offer products that provide outstanding best-of-breed tape properties, such as initial tack, peel adhesion, temperature resistance, etc. Many of them are ideal for Low Surface Energy substrates and high or low temperature conditions.

We are proud to be an organization that is certified with ISO 9001, ensuring that our tapes consistently meet the highest standards of product quality that make us stand out in the competitive adhesive Industry.

To keep your business running smoothly, our California distribution center holds large inventories of products which enable us to ship standard or custom cut products to you with a short lead time. Our dedicated technical support staffs are always on-hand to help you with your tape inquiries in a timely manner.

Our full-service, on-site R&D and testing lab in Taiwan is staffed by experienced chemists with in-depth knowledge of Double Coated industrial Tape requirements for a wide range of applications and industries. Once the product is approved for development, we can quickly produce a trial run and provide you tape samples in a short time frame.

This dedication to our vision and promise to you has resulted in our Cactus® Double Coated Tapes being one of the most favored brands in the world.

With close to 30 years of experience, our time proven research, product development and manufacturing capabilities ensure you with the utmost quality, consistency, and competitive pricing for all our double-sided adhesive tape products. This extensive and continuing knowledge and expertise base culminates in an organization dedicated to safeguard your continuing success. Cactus®. Bonding the World.

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Corporate Timeline

1987 – V. Himark Technology Co., Ltd.

January 9, 1987

1987 – V. Himark Technology Co., Ltd.

Headquarters & Manufacturing Plant in Taichung, Taiwan – Established in 1987

1987 – Production facility starts manufacturing

April 1, 1987

Production facility starts manufacturing double sided tape, with focus on traditional markets.

1991 – Development & Production

January 1, 1991

Started development & production of foam and film tapes for automotive market, tissue tapes, foam lamination Splicing tape & general purpose double sided tapes.

1997 – Established USA Office & Distribution Center

January 15, 1997

1997 – Established USA Office & Distribution Center

Established USA Office and Distribution Center.

2002 – Expanded Manufacturing Plant

January 2, 2002

Expanded manufacturing plant to accommodate development and production of tapes for the electronic industry.

2003 – Established China Sales Office

January 25, 2003

2003 – Established China Sales Office

Established China sales office.  K-series coating line starts production.

2004 – L-series launched

January 25, 2004

L-series coating line starts production.

2007 – RTO System Installed

February 1, 2007

RTO System installed.

2011 – H-series launched

January 2, 2011

H-series coating line starts production.

2013 – Developed Advanced Tapes for Electronic Industry

January 2, 2013

Developed advanced thermal and conductive tapes for the electronic industry.

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